Jewelry is an armor that supports our self empowerment, a medium of expression.

Asymmetry and irregularity are a constant in my designs, but to celebrate diversity and to depict the real beauty of life.

Each jewelry piece that I create is handcrafted using traditional techniques. 

I focus on slow process and small production runs. Creating mindfully by recycling materials and partnering with small businesses.


Sevi Manoli was born in Greece.

After her studies in  chemical engineering she moved to Lisbon, Portugal where she began to study the art of jewelry making.

 In 2017 she  moved to Krakow, Poland to  study at the Szkola Zlotnictwa, a professional goldsmithing school, owned by Magdalena Maślerz. She graduated in 2017.

She is now a mother to a 3 year-old, a partner and a guardian of 2 cats and a dog  living in Kos, Greece designing and creating her own jewelry in her small workshop.